I am a . . .

Short and clear – I am a Findomme.

If you don`t know what financial domination is, I recommend that you finally use Google search for good – to stay better informed.
Even though I fully disagree with the term ‘Findom/me’, I said it and I will say it again – I am a Findomme and I am here to consume your finances with no regard for the result.
This is how I see things – you approach Me because you are a finsub that desperately needs to be drained out of their money.
No other options.

I will use My blog to share with My followers why I rather avoid using the term ‘Findomme’.
As I assume most of you would say a Findom/me is a Dom/me who`s fond on findom fetish. But does this mean We have so limited interests?
In reality findom fetish is a part of the whole picture. For me financial domination is linked with many other fetishes I won`t discuss here. Nevertheless I consider financial domination a ‘conditio sine qua non’ ( The Latin saying for ‘without which it could not be’, an indispensable action or condition).

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The nature of tribute

A tribute is the very first form of respect that a pig can show The Queen.
A tribute is a means of expressing gratitude to the Queen.
A tribute is a way of putting a smile on The Queen’s face, even if it merely lasts for a second or two, but at the very deepest . . . . .
A tribute is a tax that all pigs have to pay The Queen simply for Her permission for them to exist in the form and the shape of a pig.
Don’t bother The Queen if you believe in the misconception that your tribute is a mode of getting something in return.